Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Full Set

Our Hybrid Lashes are a beautiful mix of classic + volume lashes. This is our most customizable type of lashes that you can get. We customize 1:1 classic lashes with volume 3-6d fans. If you want to chose how natural or dramatic as you go, then these lashes are for you.



Volume Full Set

Volume Lashes literally give the appearance of more lashes than you were born with! This technique created utilizes extremely fine extensions that are “fanned” out on each of your individual natural lashes. Still bonded 1:1 BUT each of your lashes gets anywhere from 3-6d extension fans that are hand made depending on what your lashes can handle. If you are looking for it all then these lashes are for you.



Mega Volume Full Set

Mega volume Lashes take volume lashes a step further. We utilize even finer extensions that are still “fanned” out on each of your individual natural lashes BUT each of your lashes can now safely get anywhere from 7-10d extension fans that are hand made depending on what your lashes can handle. If you are looking for the ultimate in dark lash lines and fullness, then these lashes are for you. We definitely focus on fullness over length with these babies.




Maintenance Appointments

60 Minute Sessions
Hybrid | Volume

60 min

$60 | $65

75 Minute Sessions
Hybrid | Volume |

75 min

$80 | $85

90 Minute Sessions
Hybrid | Volume

90 min

$120 | $130


Microblading + Microshading Combo Brows

Full Session

(any full appointment that will require a full pre draw of strokes + consult on color choice,) If it has been over 14 months since your last session you will need this appointment.



Color Boost

(any time after a full session but no sooner than 6 weeks after. This session is usually needed after a full session to achieve the best retention and results possible.)

60 min


Half Session

A 90 min session to fill in, add, or deepen any strokes that have faded after initial Full Session. This appointment is usually needed between 8months – 1year to maintain your brows.

90 min



Strip Lash Application


Cluster Lash Application


Mink Lash Application

These are custom real mink lashes that can be used up to 25x’s!!

$39 – $55

Bridal Makeup Trial

REQUIRED 1-2 months PRIOR TO wedding date.
Includes airbrush foundation + lashes;
Minks are an additional charge


Bridal Makeup-Day of

Trial makeup look day of wedding


Bridal Party Makeup Application

Includes airbrush foundation and lashes;
Minks are an additional charge


Travel Fees

Within slo County

Outside slo County


+ $0.85/Mile

Event Makeup

Includes airbrush foundation + lashes
Minks are an additional charge


Makeup Lesson

A step by step guide to everything makeup.
Take a look at your current kit and we’ll give
you insider tips and tricks to work with what you’ve got!



Full Glam to get you camera ready.
Half and Full day rates based on location



Brow Shaping

For the gal in needs a little extra brow love. This goes beyond your normal brow wax for the ultimate brow experience! We begin by designing out the perfect brows for your face shape. Each experience includes a trim + wax + tweeze. If requested, we finish with a complete brow makeup application so you know exactly what to do at home in between your regular maintenance appointments.


Brow Maintenance

Follow up appointment to keep your already fabulous brows on point. Includes trim + wax + tweeze mini brow massage and brow makeup application if needed.


Brow + Lip


Brow + Lip + Chin



We use Hard Wax, which is spread thickly onto the skin and allowed to dry slightly before it is gently peeled away. This method is far less painful than most and pulls hair directly from the roots. Benefits include; fewer in-grown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods. This wax is great for sensitive areas.

*Wax can only effectively remove hair as short as quarter of an inch or about the grain of a piece of rice. However this generally applies to hair that has had regular waxing. If this is your first time waxing or waxing in between regular shaving then we suggest slightly more of a hair growth.

Full Face


+ Brows









Half Arms


Full Arms






Deep Bikini




follow Up


Brazilian + Tummy + Bum


Half Leg


Half Leg + Brazilian


Full Leg


Full Leg + Brazilian